Monday, October 05, 2009

Sweet indignation

I came across (through Fourth Checkraise) this thought, that I recognized as true and interesting:
"... it must be confessed that indignation is one of the most rewarding of all emotions, as well as one that automatically gives meaning to life. When one is indignant, one does not wonder what life is for or about, the immensity of the universe does not trouble one, and the profound and unanswerable questions of the metaphysics of morals are held temporarily in abeyance."

It's from this column by Theodore Dalrymple. I actively seek Indignation, and it really gives relief to gray void of my life. That's why I read Octavius, who has found one more nugget of idiocy

Friday, October 02, 2009

Paralympics are retarded

I don't like the paralympics.

"The Paralympic Games are sport events for elite athletes with a physical disability or vision impairment. They are designed to emphasize the participants' athletic achievements, not their disability." link

I don't see how they can emphasize the participants' athletic achievements, not their disability, if criterion for attending is disability. There are no mathletics for the stupid. No highjump for the short. No any kinds of sports for the lazy.

But anyway. I like the sports that people can do better than machines. Like sorting stuff. Dexterity contests and such. And problem solving. Celebrating the exceptional human talents. Where all doping and anykind of enhancement is allowed.