Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Nyt lainaan häiritsevän kappaleen ja linkitän häiritsevään videoon pöpökammoisuutta lisätäkseni. Voi aiheuttaa ruokahalun menetystä.  Ensin video Sneezing  ultra slow motion
ja sitten teksti:
But the diarrhea also may benefit the Shigella by facilitating transmission. To envision this benefit, I encourage you to conduct a simple experiment that I have run repeatedly. The next time you visit an institutional toilet, sacrifice a few feet of the paper roll, placing it evenly on the sitting surface. Then flush. Notice the numerous droplets that appear on the paper. Then think of the millions of bacteria in each milliliter of fecal material. If the person before you had a fluid case of diarrhea, a billion bacteria may have been evenly distributed in the basin, just before the flush before last. At flush-time thousands of bacteria may have catapulted onto the seat, and ingestion of less than 200 can cause disease. How careful were you to avoid touching the toilet seat with your hands or to avoid touching the parts of you that touched the seat? You may smugly think that you have outsmarted the bacteria by washing your hands carefully before you left, but you had to touch the faucet after you washed your hands. Think about the previous visitor. Before the fingers of that visitor touched the faucet, they were on the other side of porous toilet paper - hardly a comforting thought, especially considering the quality of institutional toilet paper. 
-from Evolution of Infectious Disease by Paul W. Ewald


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