Monday, September 14, 2009

Sounding dumb is not funny if you can prove that you are not dumb.

I watched a video i found from failblog about this some sorts of sports hero on a press conference. His fail is in communication. He just says "I um I um I um I um I um I um I um..." Hilarious! Right.

Now, in the comments someone points out:
comments about this video on the web are critical of making fun of Ellis Lankster, who may have a speech impediment and may or may not have been nervous in this, one of his first interviews after becoming a pro. They also point out that he’s a good guy, polite, and perhaps “game” and brave for doing the interview.

I still don't know what is his sport. Football maybe?

So if Ellis Lankster has a speech impediment, or he was nervous, and he is also a polite and good guy, then it is not okay to make fun of Him.

I don't know how they diagnoze speech impediment, but it probably has something to do with having repeatedly and continuously having problems like Ellis Lankster had in his infamous interview. So the commenter who didin't like Lankster being ridiculed because of speech impediment, would have been okay with it if Lankster would have been ridiculed because of acting like he had speech impediment even though he doesn't have speech impediment. My understanding of the case is that you can make fun of Lankster if he his stupid, but if he has speech impediment that causes him to speak like a stupid person even though he is in fact a smart person. So it is okay to make fun of stupid people, but not of people who sound like stupid people, but are not stupid people.

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