Friday, February 26, 2010

The ironing is delicious

Saw a poster advertising an upcoming gig by a band called "Ironica". It's the worst band name I've ever seen.

Oulu has fancy electronic timetables for busses, and in busses the electronic screens showing which bus stop is next. The problem is that they rarely work, so you really can't trust them to help you knowing where you are.

Helsinki has a low tech solution instead. They have painted the name of the bus stop to every bus stop, so you can just look out the window and you know which bus stop you are at. And they don't have electronic timetables showing when the next bus is coming, but they just have a printed out timetable that tells when the bus should be at this stop. And it works and is reliable.

P.S. I went to a Greek restaurant today. They seemed to have the soundtrack from the Cheese Shoppe sketch on repeat for their backround music.


Pete P. said...

Ah, we're in the process of implementing them fancy electronic bus timetable screens here in Helsinki, too. I quite like them, they're quicker to use than regular printed timetables.

Paavo said...

Yes they seem very likeable in theory, but at least in Oulu you really can not trust electoric timetables to work, so you cannot plan you journeys on those grounds.