Monday, February 22, 2010

No one buzzes

I got the inspiration to write, when I heard ( from econtalk ) that Tyler Cowen has blogged daily n years. So now I'm deluding myself, that I will do the same. Starting now.

And now I need something to daily write about. Listening to Econtalk podcast with Paul Buchheit (who invented Gmail and friendfeed) inspired check out friendfeed. I was hoping I could check friends facebook updates, but seems like it is not the case. I would rather be using Buzz, but there is no-one there. Gmail isn't as popular as I thought. My Buzzfeed is anyway the best way to follow me and my various activities in the internet.

But I need more friends to get something out of social networking. I think I also need to take a closer look at twitter and see if I can find something useful in it for me. And if I can get my buzz to receive the twitterers I'm following. (My twitter)

And Yes. That was my day. Econtalk was the most interesting and memorable experience. Tomorrow I plan to listen one ricochet podcast. Let's see if they have anything worthwhile.

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