Sunday, August 23, 2009

Just in to see the games end

I watched the last event in the Berlin Track & Field Championships. And I got exited. Sports was exiting! But of course there was nothing after that. What do I do now? Where can I follow 100metre dashes or high jump? Is There any provider to broadcast track & field for us, who only got excited at the very last day of the Games.

It happens to me often. It's the Superbowl that gives birth to my Football enthusiasim. But after that there is nothing to watch. And anything would do. I'm desperate to find something similar, and i settle for something as similar as soccer.

Only time when this last minut enthusiasim is any helpful is the spring. I usually watch the semifinals and finals of finnish national hockey league. After they end I'm in the height of my Ice Hockey Fever. Fortunately the Ice Hockey world championships kick in about a month later, so i'm in still in the mood for hockey, when the Ice Hockey world championships began.

But Berling didn't do it. I fell in love with the games on the last event. And no there isn't anything to fall back on. There is no place where I could continue my new found interest in track and field.

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