Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Writing an article about gastrointestinal regulation of food intake

It's Article time. In english this time. 

I've set up a workshop with my Best Girl and started the agonizing challenge, that finishing anything by deadline is to me. 

Deadline is midnight next monday. The Subject is intestinal signal in food intake. I chose a subject in english. That might be a mistake, because due ill advised effort to be fair each teacher has to give grade average of 2. Now, the english subjects were the least popular, and there are only at most six other students writing about the same subject and graded by the same teacher. That means that any good articles will have meaningful negative impact on my grade. It might be worthwhile to launch some psychological warfare campaign against the other students. Maybe I could harm the quality of their writing with computer viruses or disrupting their personal lives. Unfortunately I didn't write down the names of other students. 

As the sign-up lists were there to be seen by all, and next to the physiology test results, I could have checked the average score of everyone in different groups and choose the group with worst performing students. Alas it's too late for that. Too late for any attempts to improve grades while avoiding learning.

While there is a danger that the english language will attract more ambitious students, the subject seemed most interesting. It offers plenty of media sexy information about mechanisms of obesity, possible weight-losing drugs, the physiology of munchies effect of cannabis and effects of artificially sweetened softdrinks. 

Because the details of sweet-taste-receptor activation are understood at the atomic level, one can imagine rational design of non-caloric artificial sweeteners optimized for the combination of palatable taste and potent L cell activation. These might supplement treatment of obesity and diabetes. Indeed, the nonabsorbable sweetener sucralose stimulates GLP1 release by taste receptor-dependent mechanisms.

I don't know anymore about this than you now that you have read that, but what immediately pops into my mind is that could the New Coca-cola light, which is sweetened by sucralose be more efficient in weight control than Coca-cola Zero,  that is apparently sweetened by whatever the old Coca-Cola Light was sweetened with.

I haven't been very productive yet. I've only read the review Gastrointestinal regulation of food intake by Dadid E. Cummings and Joos Overduin. That's were the quote is from. The teacher gave us that article, and forbid us from using it as one of our references. As I need to use minimum 10 articles to refer to there's much reading to be done before I can start writing. And I won't start reading now, because I'll need to play some boardgames with my best girl and the rest. 

First, in the introduction I shall give brief overview about how the food intake is controlled by which area of the brain, by which peptides and other factors. Then I must concentrate on two peptides in particular: GLP1 and PPY. I'll probably just make up a few searches on Pubmed with food intake, GLP1 and PPY and chech the review article box. Read three promisingly named articles and see where should I go from there. 

I'll probably have to abandon media sexy softdrink point of views, and concentrate only giving boring descriptions of how this molecule activates this molecule or something like that.  What I hope I will get out of this, are at least a few facts to bring down hopeful weight-losers. Like debunking the hopeful view that by eating voluminous low-cal diet-foods you could cheat your stomach into thinking that you're full. 

Meals are typically stopped long before gastric capacity is reached, and when food is diluted with noncaloric bulking agents, the volume ingested increases to maintain constant caloric intake. 
That's from the Cummings's article Gastrointestinal regulation of food intake

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