Monday, March 01, 2010

First day of Ubuntu

As my trial version of Windows 7 expired today, I changed to Ubuntu. It's been simple thus far, as only thing I've wanted to do is to install Chrome and surf the net.

Spotify seems to be more difficult, and I'm in the process of trying to work it out. I maybe out of my league. I really don't know much about computers and sometimes I'm a bit lazy about finding out and fixing problems. With windows 7 I just sort of gave up with my wireless connection, I didn't get the link working properly and the connection has been iffy. But I've just been using bad connection rather than fixing the problem. I hope that doesn't completely paralyse me with my Ubuntu experience.

Let's see. Some things already work a lot better than previously. But that's probably because I didn't take good care of my computer and had a lot of unnecessary processes running in the backround.


P.S. It turned out, that getting spotify up and running wasn't very difficult. I don't really know what i did, but it worked. But the Wine-thing, and then magically everything worked. So far very pleasant first day.

And if there is still someone who doesn't have spotify, I have some invites to give.

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